Certification in Big Data and Data Science

There are hell lot of Certifications in market for data science and Big data…Just type certification in data science and big data in Google guru ,here you go a big list of online offline certification courses in front of you.

After looking at this list our situation become like a … yes you guys are right!! its like a man in middle of ocean ..now like this man who is trapped in middle of ocean who will search a way for survival and find a way for a destiny which is a land, in the same way we try to sort or classify the information from this list.

I am Roshan Suvarna a student of analytical studies and a SAP Consultant by profession is here to write a blog on Certification on Data science and Big data.There are lots of  Degree,Diplomas and certification for Big data and Data science around the globe.But first i will talk about the Certification which i did and i will tell you my experience with the training and the certification  exams.

I am talking about two Data Science certification which is provided Dell EMC,we all know about this american giant company.Well those of you who don’t know about this company Dell EMC major business is to sell data storageinformation securityvirtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products and services that enable businesses to store, manage, protect, and analyze data.

Now lets come talk about the certifications:

Below details is provided as per the information in Dell EMC official Website

1.Data Science Associate (EMCDSA) 

Certification Overview :

This certification enables the learner to immediately participate in big data and other analytics projects. The certification validates the practical foundation skills required by a Data Scientist.

Certification Requirements :

To complete the requirements for this certification you must:

Pass the following Associate level exam:

E20-007 Data Science and Big Data Analytics Exam

This certification will qualify towards the Specialist level certification in the EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist (EMCDS) track including the following: EMC Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics Specialist.

My Take on Data Science Associate (EMCDSA) :

I attended the Video ILT – stream course which you can say a self pace course.This is a recorded video of a actual classroom session which took place in EMC classroom(not sure about classroom though :P).This course is divided in modules so this helps us to keep track which module we completed.The best part i liked in this video is it is a actual Class room session so we can see and hear the interaction between faculty and students which allow us to explore more about the topics.

Now the main concern is i am  paying money for Video ILT then how will i practice???

Don’t worry guys Dell EMC providing you with Lab access and infact module also contains Lab practises so that you can get your hand dirty.

Remember nobody will baby feed you so you need to practise 🙂

There are also Instructor led classroom session.You can approach Dell EMC via there website:”https://education.emc.com”.

Lets talk about exams in PDF link below it is mentioned that from which topic how many percentage of questions will come.There also practise test which is made available to student so that he or she can evaluate themselves before the certification exams.And as per my experience exam was a bit competitive.

I will not talk about cost of  the certification because it vary country to country and also not about its market value because still i am a student and i need to evaluate this certification worth during my interviews 🙂

PDF link:Data Science Associate (EMCDSA)

2.Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics Specialist Version 1.0 (EMCDS)

Certification Overview 

This certification is designed to build on the skills developed in the Associate level course in Data Science (Data Science & Big Data Analytics) and help aspiring Data Scientists continue to evolve and expand their skill sets. The main growth areas include advanced analytical methods, Hadoop (and Pig, Hive, HBase), Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing, and Visualization methods. The development of these skills and the use of these methods provide the data scientist the ability to identify and communicate conclusions and recommendations in order to solve business challenges across many domains.

Certification Requirements

To complete the requirements for this certification you must:

1. Achieve the following Associate level certification: Data Science Associate (EMCDSA)

2. Pass the following Specialist exam on or after May 1, 2015:

E20-065 Advanced Analytics Specialist Exam for Data Scientists.

My Take on Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics Specialist Version 1.0 (EMCDS)

It is Advance version of associate level certification focusing majorly on big data technologies.This course also i attended in Video-ILT format so all the reviews will remain same like the associate level certification.

I will attend this exam in coming december 2016 lets hope for the best 🙂 and i will keep you posted about my exam experience.

PDF Link :Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics Specialist Version 1.0 (EMCDS)

Exams procedure:

1) You need to first schedule your exam as per you convenience,you will get all this info. under “Myaccount”.You have to select the center and print the hall ticket once you schedule the exams.

2) you are not allowed to take your Cell phones not even your handkerchief with you 😛 yes you read it right not even handkerchief inside the examination center.So if the exam is not going good for you so you better not cry remember there is no handkerchief for you.

3) Govt. ID proof is compulsory and cancellation of exam once schedule is not possible,if you still want to cancel then it will cost you some bucks more.My suggestion better not to cancel it ,only in case of emergency cancel it.

4) You will get the mark sheet on the spot once you press end exam button.Passing mark is 60.

5) Once you passed you will soft copy of certificate which you can see under certificate tracker.You will also receive Dell EMC logo as a Dell EMC Proven professional which you can show off in your resume 🙂

Well this is all about Dell EMC certification for Data Science which i know.You have any more details about this or you want to know more about the certification you can contact me any time .

PS: Dell EMC is not paying anything to me for promoting their product 😛

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